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Just Pause

The silence is what struck me at first. It was early morning, I had just lit my meditation lamp and I not only heard less noise outside, but I felt the silence in my body. The city was in lockdown, everyone at home because of the corona virus.

As the sun came up slowly over the mountains, the birds started to sing, I swear they were singing louder than usual, it was like they were telling everyone, it is going to be ok, don't worry.

I felt their contentment, their lightness and joy. With a heart brimming full of compassion for all those affected by this particular situation, I sat in meditation and let Mother Nature sing to me, so very sweetly.

I sat there in stillness doing nothing but being.

Many people right now feel a sense of urgency to "do" something, that they need to help change the paradigm, create a new society. This is so wonderful that so many people care for the welfare of others and the planet. But in fact "doing" is exactly what got us into the mess that humanity is now in right now. There is an essential step that has been forgotten.

What we really need is to BE. Simply BE. To BE grateful for our family and friends. To BE peaceful as we meditate, make breakfast or clean the bathroom. To BE silent for a moment as we watch the sun rise as it faithfully does every day. To BE kind as we make lunch for our family or ourselves, taking care of our body. To BE calm as we see/hear another potentially disturbing news article. To BE joyful as we hang our clothes out to dry.....

This BE-ing is what inspires our actions naturally, it is what makes our presence magnetic, raising our vibration, healing those around us.

When we shift our focus from doing to being, this is when real change happens. We start to align with the Divine, as the Divine is our very BE-ing.

I invite you to pause. Just pause and simply BE.

BE the luminous, Divine being that you are RIGHT NOW. No need to wait for anything in the future, you are what you have been waiting for.

Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

Much love to you all!

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