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The Most Valuable Present

It was hot. Very hot. The backpack straps were grinding into my collar bones, salty sweat dripping down my face.... I was in heaven. It was the day three of our hike on the El Camino pilgrimage trail through Switzerland.

My friend and I had started walking with no destination in mind, simply walking in mostly silence, enjoying the Swiss countryside and just Being.

Yes, we had no goal in mind, simply to BE.

Each day was about practicing being fully present. What did this presence look like?

It looked like cool dips in pristine lakes and rivers, picking juicy cherries off of each tree we came across (I think we ate a few kilos each!), taking time to talk to the farmers, petting the cats that crossed our path, sitting under a shady tree listening to the birds, meditating under the stars....

We were blessed along the way with vegetables from a sweet old ladies garden, coffee and fruit from another, a perfect camping spot in a farmers field, strawberry cake at a sweet 16 birthday party (delicious!) and so much more.

We finished the hike 120+kilometers later with smiles on our face and gratitude overflowing in our hearts.

Living fully present is the most valuable "present" you can give yourself and those around you.

Enjoy these lazy summer days basking in this light filled presence that is your very being.

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