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My Morning...

I was watching the rain outside my window, the light from my oil lamp dancing on the walls. The stillness of the morning penetrated me to the core. My mind was calm as I looked at a picture of my spiritual Master on my altar in the room where I meditate. His framed photo decorated with fir boughs for the winter season. He was smiling at me, His eyes glittering, I felt His Divine energy flowing from the image and filling the room.

My heart was filled with gratitude to be His humble disciple. I meditated on the love from Him and for all, that was expanding and filling my being. I sat and enjoyed this deep feeling of contentment and love. To feel such unconditional love is almost indescribable. The closest I can come to describing it is a feeling of liberation, no worries at all, totally protected and taken care of. It's a feeling that makes me want to dance and sing, which I often do!

I soon went about my day making breakfast, doing laundry etc. My heart was full of love and there was a soft smile on my lips that lingered there all day and into the night. Until I got up the next morning and it started all over again....

I share with you a photo of this Divine Saint. His name is Yogi Ramsuratkumar. :)

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