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Moon Night Meditation

The breeze was just warm enough to lay outside on my mat under the almost full moon. It was around 8pm and the sky was clear, a few stars had started to appear. I was laying on my back soaking up the moon rays, listening to the birds singing their sweet evening songs.

Oh-so slowly I started to gently move my body into a twist, one leg over, looking in the opposite direction. I felt the lower back open, and sink closer to the mat. It was a delicious feeling, opening to the sensations that pulsed along the spine.

After a few more gentle postures, I assumed a cross legged position for pranayama and meditation.

I sat in stillness and in gratitude of the moment. No place to go, no where to be except here and now. I slowly became aware of all of my senses, opening them fully I started to meditate on Shakti, Divine Mother, which I define as the energy that is creating and animating all, from the tiniest grain of sand to the Alps and everything in between. I fused with Her presence which I was wholly absorbed in. Every breath, noise, sensation, every

thought was Divine Mother, nothing to reject, no goal to attain, simple being still and letting every particle of my being be immersed in Her.

I felt a small smile creep upon my lips, my body becoming more and more relaxed, as the moon continued to shine it's marvelous, gentle light upon me as it rose higher into the sky.....I basked in Her joyous rays.

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