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This Is It

It had been an ordinary day, cleaning my apartment with my daughter, sorting out her closet, making lunch, grocery shopping.... yet at the same time it was anything but ordinary. The serenity I felt in that very moment sitting on my balcony was indescribable. The evening light on the mountains, the birds chorus filling the air, the laughter of kids playing at the park.

In my meditation practice the notion of "this is it" has kept coming to me. A strong feeling that there is nothing else "out there" to try to attain, achieve, reach for. That I truly am at One, right now, with Pure Consciousness. Almost a feeling if timelessness, of floating through Eternity, experiencing blissfulness in everyday tasks.

It has been through daily meditation that I have felt a subtle shift, little by little the mental chatter has lessened, or maybe it is more that I don't pay so much attention to it now, so it has gradually fallen into the background leaving a sublime silence that has heightened my senses in every way.

Within this silence arises a deep sense of tranquility. Using words to describe it though just does not seem adequate, therefore I will leave you with a picture I took from my apartment on this beautiful almost spring day in Geneva. :)

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