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Living your Passion- Doing it -vs- Being it

I had just watched a short video on Facebook about living your passion. About taking steps in the direction of doing what you love. It struck me how the video made an emphasis on doing instead of being. I started to ponder, what is my passion? The answer came to me quite quickly: I am very passionate about yoga/meditation/spirituality. But with further reflection I realized that the importance is in fact not about 'doing' yoga, but instead 'being' yoga. I strive to live my yoga in all thoughts, words and actions. I practice it 24/7, not just when I am on my yoga mat.

The word yoga meaning yoke, or Oneness, is essentially the notion of letting go of ego (the little me with all its desires and aversions) and becoming conscious of our inherent oneness with Divine Consciousness. Which brings a feeling of immense, undisturbable peace that is Self. In reality, yoga is the core of my very being (and everyone else's too!)

This video was a good reminder for me to live my yoga and not get caught up in the 'doing'. That it does not matter what my 'day job' is, because through my every action (washing the dishes, grocery shopping etc.) I can remain aware, present and exude the essence of yoga without preaching about the benefits of meditation etc. My passion therefore is not about doing something specific in my life but simply about being my Self.

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